I’ve been one of his fans for a long time, before I even knew him. I think he’s an incredible artist that speaks incredible truths and makes you think and really makes you feel, and that’s so important to me. I love that he’s such an incredible lyricist. He’s a “monster” in the studio. He’s a monster in a great way, I mean I say that in the kindest way. He’s a genius, musically he’s a genius but he’s a genius on the guitar and he’s a genius in songwriting too. He uses a white board. He will basically write out lyrics and look at them and erase them if they are not good. He actually knows how to be more mathematical about it, which I don’t understand because all my songwriting is purely emotion-based. He’s super fast - it’s not a skill that can be learnt. You’re either born with it or not.
- Katy Perry on John Mayer (via lovejohnkaty)



Arriving at Narita International Airport, Tokyo - 10.30

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